What is Avesta Art?

What is Avesta Art?

The art exhibition Avesta Art was introduced in 1995.
The exhibition name already has several dimensions. The art gallery is of a unique nature, where each artist faces the challenge of creating an interplay - contrast or harmony - with the industrial heritage's own strong expression in materials and monumental architecture. With artistic interpretations in addition to an almost untouched industrial environment, the industrial heritage is also given a guide of a unique kind. Bearing is precisely the dialogue between industrial history and contemporary art for Avesta Art as an idea and event.

Avesta Art var mellan åren 1995 och 2010 en biennal. Från 2011 arrangeras Avesta Art årligen.

The ambition of the exhibition is to attract new groups of visitors and to bring Sweden an art attraction with and of international interest. Every year, the exhibition notes about 20,000 visits.

Saadia Hussain, I See You Through Me Foto Therese Asplund

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