Permanent art in Verket

Avesta Art

Verket has over the years arranged summer exhibitions with different themes and specializations. Beginning in 2011, Avesta Art is annually recurring with new invited artists, who, with inspiration from the industrial heritage's powerful architecture, shape contemporary times with exciting artistic expressions.

With history, art, science and technology as a pillar, learning environments has it´s natural place in Verket.

Verket also includes mathematics exhibition Baghdad, which is aimed at all ages. In Baghdad, you experience joyful mathematics and become aware that it is so much more than just counting

  • That everyone should experience pleasure-filled mathematics and become aware that it is about much more than just counting.
  • That everyone should understand that mathematics is everywhere around us and enriches our lives.
  • That everyone who visits Baghdad should feel strengthened in their mathematical knowledge and know that different cultures have contributed to the development of mathematics.

Alkwarizmi, a mathematician working in Baghdad in the 8th century, receives and can also meet Hypatia, Brahmagupta or Sonja Kovalevskaja.

Together with the mathematicians, one faces different challenges. It can be to create patterns, find new ways to solve problems, play games that develop the mathematical mind and logical thinking. Everything is linked to preschool and school curricula.

One can also take part of the historical perspective of the development of mathematics.

The exhibition Baghdad has been produced by NAVET - Sjuhäradsbygden's science cente

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