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Where is Verket located?
Verket is centrally located in Avesta, in the old preserved industrial area Koppardalen. If you come here for your own machine, the plant is only a couple of minutes from highways 70 and 68. You can also get here easily by both train and bus. The walking distance from the bus station in the center over the footbridge to Koppardalen, is just under 10 minutes.

Follow the brown tourist signs with white text "Verket / Avesta art".
From highway 70 north; turn off at the Dalahästmotet and keep straight over the bridge. Directly after the bridge, head towards Koppardalen and turn right. Turn right again into the Koppardals area and follow the road straight ahead. After the second roundabout, turn right after about 100m towards the signposted parking lot, and towards Verket.

From highway 70 south turn right at the first exit signposted Skogsbo. Then right towards Koppardalen. Follow the road straight ahead down Månsbo hill and over the bridge. (Here you can observe the work to the right of the river and the power station). Before the railway crossing, immediately after the road crash, turn left towards Koppardalen. Follow the road for about 200m, turn left towards the signposted parking place and the Verket.

From Highway 68 Keep straight ahead after Stålrondellen, towards highway 70, 100 m after the roundabout, immediately after the viaduct, turn right towards the hospital and Koppardalen. Keep straight ahead in the Koppardals area. After the second roundabout, about 100 m, turn right towards the signposted parking place and the work. Skicka feedback


The bridge to Koppardalen is closed! Pedestrians and cyclists are advised to use the railway crossing at Gamla Byn until further notice

By train or bus and on foot. If you come by train to Avesta / Krylbo, take the first best bus to Avesta Centrum. If you come by bus, you get off at Avesta center. From there you go straight down to the center. Pass the town hall and the park with Visenten on the left side and Avesta Gallerian. Go straight ahead, about 300 m, towards the footbridge that takes you down to the Koppardal area. When you are on the footbridge, you see the plant's two large chimney flues straight ahead. When you come down the stairs, just go straight towards the Verket.

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