Avesta Art 18/5 - 22/9

Avesta Art 2024" opens on May 18th at Verket in Avesta. This international exhibition brings together artists from Sweden, Iceland, South Africa/United Kingdom, Norway, and Denmark. The title is FluidFluid, the English word for liquid. Liquid like the iron melting in the massive preserved blast furnaces and open-hearth furnaces in the old ironworks, which for decades has been a bastion for contemporary art.


The exhibition Fluid includes works where the physical properties of artistic techniques, such as flowing colors or the materiality of ceramic glazes, are the focus. We also encounter works that conceptually address the fluid substances of nature, while other artworks are grounded in the concrete; water in the form of melting ice, floods, or storms, and humanity's relationship to these phenomena. The concept of fluid identity touches upon questions of national, linguistic, and cultural belonging, who you are, or are allowed to be.

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What is Avesta Art?

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