What is Verket?

Today Verket is an award winning immersive museum and an exciting centre filled with unique experiences and ideas. Here the visitor finds a stimulating mix of history, art and technology through our interactive exhibition of industrial history, various art exhibitions such as Avesta Art and works of art in glass by Kjell Engman, light and sound installations as well as permanent features.

Most can be found in the three largest halls – the Roasting Hall, the Blast Furnace Hall and the Martin Hall. We are proud to say we have a total area of around 5,000 sq. m. for exhibitions and other events in several places and floors with lifts between them all. You can experience and enjoy all of this either by going around and discovering on your own or through guided tours.

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Are Avesta Art and Verket the same thing?

Many people mix up Avesta Art with Verket. The former is an art exhibition that started in 1995 and that takes place every other year in Verket. Originally it was located in the Roasting Hall, also known as the Smelting House. The idea of Avesta Art has grown over the years and now occupies the whole Verket with its national and international contemporary artists. The latest exhibition was in 2008 with Industry as its theme.

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What happens in Verket?

Today we have two seasons – summer and autumn/winter. The former offers a variety of exhibitions between May and August with Avesta Art taking place every other year and other thematic exhibitions in the intervening years. There are also short-term programmes during the summer season and other features. The rest of the year we look after booked tours, renting out of the premises for various events as well as company functions, weddings, entertainment etc. We also organise a Christmas Market in December.

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Our popular summer programme starts at the same time as the summer season where popular features include Café Evenings with singing and music, guest performers and celebrities, dramatised tours, jazz concerts etc.

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Why is it called Verket?

A rose by any other name and the old ironworks has appeared in several guises throughout the years such as the Factory, the Old Iron Works and the Smelting House. Since 2004 it has gone under the name Verket, the Works.

In 2004, the Blast Furnace Hall was opened in a part of the building known as the works and received the NODEM Award for the best digital design for museums communication for the interactive environment and historical exhibition that was installed there. You can read more under Historical Process as well as about our award under NODEM 2004.