OLEK (b. 1978, Agata Oleksiak, Poland) Lives in N.Y.C.

OLEK is a New York City-based crochet queen who is exhibiting a work at Avesta Art inspired by the turn-of-the-century home visitors meet in the Avesta Bison Park. Just as it was the woman who was connected to the home in the old days, OLEK depicts a contemporary woman who lives in her crocheted world. Who is she? How does she live? What are her dreams? OLEK also contemplates and combines past epochs’ ways of living with today’s housing problems, finding somewhere to live, creating and building a home and a life for all people in flight. How was it before? How is it today? Creating a home is about structure, but OLEK also considers how the feelings and moods that fill the home are connected to this.


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