In the old ironworks, structure was important. Advanced technological systems helped production run smoothly. Each person’s role was clear and the rhythm of each task followed a fixed order ingrained in the worker’s body, systematized, almost choreographed. A strict hierarchy applied, with the ironmaster at the top and the workers at the bottom. The women had their daily rhythms in the village, taking care of the children and the households. It is just this, structures and their many facets, that is the focal point of Avesta Art 2016. The works find expression in structures relating to the social, to society, language, science, texture, technology, power and gender. Structure reflects the way we organize the world, make reality more comprehensible, categorize, classify, create patterns and reach understanding. It functions as a tool for inclusiveness, yet can also be exclusive and normative.

Excessive control, abuse of power, structural violence, discrimination, social deprivation, segregation and intolerance are examples of derailed factors in a system. Running parallel with this is a common quest for, and edification of, something shared, a desire for understanding, participation, and to find meaning. A balancing act. The role of the part in the whole, each person’s relationship to the order, the deeply embedded systems of everyday life. Scientific forces and micro-macro worlds are laid open to us. Nature’s own order is unveiled – along with the underlying force of chaos. Throughout history, civilizations and cultures have been erected, formed, transformed and have fallen in our constant quest for new ways, expressions and methods to maintain order and structure. With an exhibition showcasing 16 artists from across the globe, Avesta Art offers an encounter with art in a variety of expressions, techniques and approaches on this subject.

Artists 2016







Hanna Hallgren

Melissa Henderson






Håkan Lidbo

Tom Waldton

Sirous Namazi

Raha Rastifard

Sirous Namazi



Karen Oetling

Erik Ravelo



The Realm of

Iron Feathers