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What is Verket?

Verket today is an award-winning Inlevelsmuseum and an exciting meeting place filled with unique experiences and impressions. Here you as a visitor meet an exciting mix of history, art and technology. Partly through our interactive exhibition on industrial history and various art exhibitions such as Avesta Art, but also through the permanent installations that are integrated into the environment, such as glass art by Kjell Engman, the corridor of Sonja Nilsson and others.

Most are housed in the three largest halls; Rostugnshallen, Masugnshallen and Martinugnshallen. In total, we can proudly house exhibitions and events over a total area of about 5000 sqm, distributed on several different floors and floors, with lift to all. All this can be experienced either by wandering around and discovering, or by guided tours.

Is Avesta Art and Verket the same thing?

Many confuse Avesta Art with the work. Avesta Art was an art biennial, which was started in 1995 and took place every two years in the work, but from 2011 it is an art exhibition that takes place every year. From the beginning it was only housed in the Rostugnshallen, which was also called Hyttan. As a concept, Avesta Art has grown over the years and is housed today throughout the Work, still with both national and international contemporary artists.

What happens in Verket?

Today we have two seasons, summer and autumn / winter. The summer seasons with varying exhibitions usually lie between May and September, where Avesta Art takes place every year from 2011 onwards. During the summer season we also have other temporary cultural and summer programs as well as various elements. Other times of the year we take care of booked shows, rental of the premises for various events such as corporate events, weddings, entertainment, etc., and that we arrange our own santa market in December.

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