About Verket

What is Verket?

Verket is an award-winning industrial museum and a meeting place filled with unique experiences and impressions. Here you as a visitor meet a mix of history, art / culture and technology through an exhibition on industrial history and the art exhibition Avesta Art as well as other events and cultural experiences.

Verket is a complete well-preserved ironworks from the 1870s. Follow the iron's path through Rosthuset, Masugnshallen and Martinugnshallen. As a visitor, you move around 6000 sqm, spread over several different floors with a lift for all. Wandering around the labyrinthine building complex is in itself a journey of discovery in the history of iron production in Avesta. If you as a visitor book a guided tour, our guides will guide you through the Agency in a competent and entertaining way.

Is Avesta Art and Verket the same thing?


Verket is the building and it hosts the art exhibition Avesta Art.  

What happens in Verket?

Today we have two seasons, summer and autumn / winter. The summer seasons with varying exhibitions usually lie between May and September, where Avesta Art takes place every year from 2011 onwards. During the summer season we also have other temporary cultural and summer programs as well as various elements. Other times of the year we take care of booked shows, rental of the premises for various events such as corporate events, weddings, entertainment, etc., and that we arrange our own santa market in December.

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