Copper Valley

It is a central area for business, culture, research and development.
The Copper Valley is an area of ​​use dating back to the 17th century, which lies along the Dalälven river, between the entrance routes to the center, from highway 70. Here, until 1938, an ironworks cabin with rust ovens and blast furnaces was operated by the Axel Johnsson Group. Over the years, the buildings in the area have been carefully preserved and equipped. The work is only part of the whole, and belongs to the first part of the Copper Valley area.

Wall in the wall with Verket is located the Kopparhallen, the old sheet metal work, which has been converted into a modern sports hall. You have carefully preserved the industrial history traces as part of the interior, and it is the traverse in the Kopparhall roof that you first notice when it is time for handball, floorball and volleyball. This year, the outer area of ​​Kopparhallen will also be the arena for the family show Diggiloo, which is performed in Avesta for the third year in a row.

The other part of the Copper Valley consists of a business park, with an impressive diversity. Here you can find everything from OutoKumpu Stainless AB's department for research and development, OKQ8's customer service, Karl Hedin's wooden department store, MAEK`s Rehab and Friskvårdscenter, Avesta Park and Garden, etc.

Kids and family

Store and café

Verkets History

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