Björn Lövins galleri. Dädsker utlånade till Moderna museet. Galleriet stängt pga byggnadsrenovering.

Feelings of devotion and reverence are found in Björn Lövin's gallery, Avesta Art. Highest, stylish and dignified are here "Dädsker". At first glance, the sculptures seem to hold the stone wall in place. In fact, they give their support to each of us - to human dignity. The title "Dädsk" should be read "It is you who can!". The sculptures bear Björn Lövin's signature. The individual's inviolability and - at the same time - her obvious participation in a community, a collective, are fundamental values ​​that carry his artistry.
In the center of the gallery, the trolley stands "Full speed ahead", a work from 1988 and the exhibition "C - The battle for reality" in Stockholm's cultural center. Here the artist adopted the role of an anthropologist and explored, in an imagined future, the rubble of the 20th century's consumption society. The sports car is on one level easy to identify. In material and simplicity, it simultaneously connects to excavations of cultures, far from Western motoring times.

The vibrant painting "By the River" (1995) extends beyond time and space. Björn Lövin was one of the greatest visual artists of our time. He was involved in introducing installation art in Sweden with shaking exhibitions in the Moderna Museet and Kulturhuset in Stockholm. His internationally recognized recognition is only modestly known among us Swedes. In 1981 Björn Lövin took the prestigious cultural center in Paris, Center George Pompidou, with a gigantic exhibition that also contained a completely new phenomenon, video art. Lövins art received revered headlines in the newspaper Le Monde - a confirmation that impressed much on his French hosts. When the UN in 1992 held the big environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro, twenty of the world's foremost sculptors and painters were invited to participate with their art. Europe was represented by, among others, Björn Lövin who showed a huge sculpture "Cultural Engine", a manioca press of the Amazon's hardwood.


Björn lövin

The artist left the time in 2009. He was born in Falun in 1937 and studied at a young age in Barcelona and at universities in Stockholm and Uppsala. He lived in Dicka in Avesta municipality, in Stockholm and his last years in the church village in Folkärna. Björn Lövin participated in Avesta Art in 1997 and followed with a keen eye all the Avesta Art exhibitions. Only three artists are dedicated to their own rooms in Moderna Museet in Stockholm: Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Björn Lövin. Thanks to gifts from the artist's daughters, Avesta Art now has its own Björn Lövin gallery.

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