Gabriela Pichler and Johan Lundborg

Gabriela Pichler (1980), film director and screenwriter, and Johan Lundborg (1977), director and photographer. Their works/films often revolve around class issues from different narratives. This theme recurs in Mekaniska rörelser trots smärta ( Mechanical movements despite pain). The work addresses the factory as a place for play and the repetitive movement patterns of the working body. In the factories, Pichler played as a child, while her mother overworked her body. The installation shown at Avesta Art was produced in collaboration with Röda Sten art gallery in Gothenburg. It includes moving images, sounds and interactive objects and tactile sculpture in the form of a praxinoscope. Here we can experience their storytelling immersively, as you move around the room and interact with what is shown.

Gabriela Pichler has a Bachelor's degree in film studies and an artistic directing degree from the Film Academy in Gothenburg. Johan Lundborg has studied at FAMU, the Film Academy in Prague, as well as directing training at the Film Academy in Gothenburg.

Commissioned by Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg.

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