Experience museum with interactive environment

Welcome to an interactive environment, which has attracted international attention and has been awarded for its presentation!

EXPERIENCE - for real

Verket boasts of life again. Through careful renovation and purposeful venture, the rust oven hall has become a special and exciting exhibition hall, the blast furnace and martin part an empire museum. With the help of new technology and artistic designs, our history is made tangible, and obscure around the blast furnaces has become a knowledgeable and exciting environment. A walk through the work is also about people's conditions and about a society that did not leave behind us long ago. The work has something for all generations.

Historical walk

Different historical hike


The experience is partly an adventure. Be careful where you put your feet and watch your head in tight passages. Children must never be left unattended!

Martin furnace

In the martin furnaces, pig iron and scrap iron are melted during oxygen supply. During the process, additional substances were added which affected the properties of the iron. The product you received was called steel ingot. 

Historical walk

Permanent art in Verket

There are a number of fixed works of art and installations in Verket. They are available in various shapes, designs and materials, such as glass sculptures, paintings, built-up rooms, etc. Most have come in place through an Avesta Art year, and have remained there after. Others have found home in the suggestive premises in a different way. All installations are in one way or another completely integrated into the environment.

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