Diane Emerita fredag 16 augusti

Admission: 18.00 Concert start: 18.30
Entrance fee: SEK 60
No advance purchase. Payment takes place on site in our entrance.

Diane Emerita has the captivating ability to capture honesty with her deep and emotionally charged voice. Yet it is her complementary imaginative piano playing that creates the foundation for her adventurous and raw sound. Diane Emerita's music derives from alternative pop structures, a classical piano schooling and a soulful voice - which becomes one of a kind.

In Aftonbladet, Diane Emerita is described as one of the clearest voices on the Swedish music scene today, while GAFFA describes the music with words like "pop that stops time for a while".

21-year-old Diane grew up in Germany and Sweden, but has already lived in several places around the world. Today she lives in Malmö. She herself describes how the many movers have left their mark and meant a certain difficulty in feeling a sense of belonging. But in music she has found her place and there is no doubt that she is here to stay.

In 2020, her first album 'Black Blue Sky' was released with tracks like 'Lullaby'. The record was followed up by the single 'To Simply Be' in 2022 and now she is current new music. You can already hear a taster in the form of the beautiful single 'Body in Distress'.

Photo: Tea Gistorp Larsson

Diane Emerita Foto Tea Gistorp Larsson

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