Opera Tactil

From rubbish and scrap, to a unique and remarkable collection of instruments that attract creative creation.
Welcome to create your own opera.
Here anyone can create their own little piece of music, and no one does not have to worry about whether they are musical or not. The instruments are indifferent and create the same condition for everyone. It is entirely up to you what kind of music that sounds out of the instruments. Among our instruments are among other things the harp of old beams and piano wire, paddle wheel, oil barrels, spring-mounted rims and bundles of flat iron, aluminum pipes, etc.


Torbjörn Grass

Idéskaparen och pappa till Opera Tactil. Tillsammans med en slagverkare och Verket, samt en stor portion fantasi och kreativitet, skapade man skrotinstrument av kvarvarande delar från både gamla järnbruket och skrottippen.