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Öppettider Avesta Art 2020

16 maj vernissage 12.00 -16.00. 17 maj – 13 september 10.00 – 17.00 alla dagar förutom midsommarafton (stängt).

Other times of the year only open for booked groups and at events like:

  • autumn Salon
  • Fall Break
  • Avesta Con
  • santa market and sports law

siting address:  Kanalvägen 1, Koppardalen

Konstguidningar vardagar:

20/5 – 20/6 kl.10.30.
24/6 – 16/8 kl.10.30 och 14.30.
19/8 – 13/9 kl. 10.30

Konstguidningar lördagar och söndagar:
19/5 – 15/9 kl.10.30 och 14.30

Industriguidningar lördagar och söndagar:
19/5 – 15/9 kl.12.30

Before the visit

Verket is an empirical museum and an exciting meeting place filled with unique experiences and impressions. Here you as a visitor meet an exciting mix of history, art, science, ICT (Information Communication Technology) and the media. The work welcomes interactive experiences of industrial history and various exhibitions, such as Avesta Art, and activities that focus on future learning.
Most are housed in the three largest halls: Rostugnshall, Masugnshall and Martinugnshall. Our total visitor environment is more than 5000 sqm, distributed on several different floors and floors, with lift to all. In addition, there is Corneliussalen with the center for Creative Learning.

Verket is an antiquarian preserved industrial environment from its business hours. Some parts are custom but most are in original condition.
This means that every visitor must be careful and consider the following:

    • Uneven floor surfaces
    • Steep stairs
    • Dark lighting
    • Cooling, moisture and ice coverings

    To avoid accidents, everyone must be informed before the visit about the risks that exist. We think it is important that everyone feels welcome and safe in the work, so that the visit will be a pleasant and inspiring educational experience.

Konferens & uthyrning

Verket is available for rent during the period October through Marchhowever, not the first two weeks of December.

Hyra, en dag, heldag                         6000 kr      

Hyra, helg (fredag-söndag)             10 000 kr       fredag kl.11.00 – söndag

Hyra, halvdag, kväll                          4000 kr

Verkets suggestive and unique environment can be adapted to a variety of arrangements for both companies and private individuals.

Of course, your arrangement can be combined with views in Verket
Email: verket@avesta.se

Take the classroom into Verket - or vice versa!
A school visit to Verket can be different from time to time, and create different impressions and memories. You can book a view of the work and the historical part, or of the current exhibition that is going on.

The empathy environment - Verket!
Among blast furnaces and martinverk, school classes are offered guided tours where, with presence and technical magic, we follow the iron's path from ore to steel.

Creative learning
The Corneliussalen offers ready-made learning environments, which have been built in the work to be a hub of the pedagogical development of the municipality, where one wants to benefit from Verkets inspiring environment for developing students' learning. The purpose is to put their creative ability in the foreground and to awaken the desire to learn.

Other exhibitions and Avesta Art
Adapted guided tour through the artistic landscape integrated into Verket. Here are different expressions and both Swedish and international exciting artists.

Prices Verket / Avesta Art
For guided tours:
Avesta Art is free of charge for: Dalarna schoolstudents other schools SEK 20 / student.
The museum: SEK 20 / student

Food in Verket
You can bring your own food bag and you can benefit from it
eat in our cafe section.

Verket Workshops


Under perioden 27 maj- 8 september.

  • Tid: ca 3 timmar.
  • Max 20 barn. Minst 1 vuxen i sällskapet.
  • Grundpris:  1000 kr
  • Vid fler än 10 barn: 100 kr/barn

Detta Ingår:

  • Glass
  • Saft och bulle
  • Två workshop (Konstverkstad, Bagdad och Optik Tivoli)
  • Skattjakt med något de själva har med sig, t ex godispåse. Vi gör en karta och ledsagar barnen till skatten.

Barngrupper förskola-gymnasium


  • Bagdad
  • Optik i verket
  • Järnets väg
  • Konstverkstad
  • Tid: 2tim
  • Max 20 pers / grupp
  • Workshop 1          2500 kr/varje första workshop

    Workshop 2          1750 kr/styck

    Skolor i Avesta      kostnadsfritt



  • Bagdad
  • Optik i verket
  • Konstverkstad
  • Teamwork
  • Tid: 2tim
  • Max 20 pers / grupp

Kids and family

Kids and family

Store and café

Store & Café

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