Opening hours Avesta Art 2019

18/5 Grand Opening 12.00-16.00

19/5-15/9 10.00-17.00 (Midsummer Eve closed)

 Other times by appointment.

Address: Kanalvägen 1, 774 41 Avesta

Reservations, general questions: 0226-64 51 62

Prices 2019

Children up to 12 years, only accompanied by an adult – free entrance
Children & Youth (13-19 years) – free entrance
Adult – 100 kr
Student and Senior Citizens 80 kr
Season ticket, adults – 200 kr
Season ticket, Studets and Senior Citizens 160 kr
Masmästarkort – 350 kr
Groups of at least 10 people –  65 kr
Regular guided tour – entrance+30 kr
Join in both art and industrial history – entrance+50 kr
Cafénight, adult – 100 kr
with season ticket – 50 kr
with Masmästarkort free entrance
Cafénight, children & youth – free entrance
with Masmästarkort – free entrance
Cultural Heritage Card – 50% discount on entrance
Member of ICOM – free entrance
Museum employees – free entrance
Member of KRO – free entrance
Journalist – free entrance
Dala card for tourist agency employees

Personal assistant –

free entrance

free entrance

Combination Card: Day to Avesta Art in Education and Avesta Visentpark. The card must be used the same day or two consecutive days to apply. Adult (from 20 years or age)150 kr Children/Youth -19 years free entrance


Groups, clubs, tourists, and others who are interested in visiting Verket in the group can both get discounted entry and make an interesting display. Admission: Group of at least 10. 65 SEK / person Guided tours: Guide (group of 20 persons) 800 for each additional guide 600 SEK booked tours are also carried out after the summer season. Contact Verket for more information.

In combination with Education

We heartily recommend a visit to Verket in combination with any other attractions in the Avesta. Please contact Avesta Tourist Office for suggestions for more Attractions in Avesta. For questions and information: Office 0226-64 51 62. Tourist Office 0771-62 62 62.

Take your classroom into Verket – or vice versa!

A school visit in the Verket may be different from time to time, and create different impressions and memories. You can book a tour of Verket and the historic part, or of the current exhibition is going on.

Empathy environment – Board!

Including blast furnaces and hearth works offered school classes guided tours where we have a presence and technical magic follow the iron’s path from ore to steel.

Creative learning

CORNELIUS HALL offers ready-learning environments, built in the Board of Education to be a hub in the educational development of the municipality where you want to take advantage of Verkets inspiring environment to develop students’ learning. The aim is to put their creative skills to the forefront and to arouse the desire to learn.

Other exhibitions and Avesta Art

Adapted guided tour through the artistic landscape integrated into the Agency. Here are various expressive ways and both Swedish and international intriguing artists.

Prices Verket / Avesta Art

Regarding guided tours Avesta Art is free to Dalarna pupils, other schools from 20 SEK / student. Verkets empathy museum: all classes 20kr / pupil Full day Visit to-order 75 SEK / student (group of 15-40 pcs)

Ingestion of Verket

You may bring your own food to eat in our cafe part.

Find us!

Verket is centrally located in Avesta, in the old preserved industrial area Koppardalen. To get here under their own power, is really only a few minutes from Highway 70 and 68. You will also take you easily hit with both train and bus. Walking distance from the bus station in the center of the pedestrian bridge to Koppardalen, is barely 10 minutes from the city center.

GPS coordinates:

Latitude: N 60º 08.937 Longitude: E 016º 10.249

Contact Verket:

Visiting address: Verket Kanalvägen 1, Koppardalen 774 41 Avesta Phone: 0226-64 51 62 for bookings and general questions about Verket and Avesta Art. Mail: (click to email)

Unit Manager:

Kenneth Linder 0226-64 51 77

Reservation Manager:

Lena Jonsson 0226-64 51 62

Art Historian:

Caroline Gustafsson (leave of absence) 0226-64 51 56

For additional information and questions regarding your visit to Avesta, such as accommodation, food, other Attractions mm, contact Avesta Tourist Office tel. 0771-62 62 62. Tourist Office’s visiting address is Kungsgatan 32, 774 30 Avesta (the same premises as the Avesta library).


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Plan your visit

The work is an empathy museum and an exciting venue filled with unique experiences and impressions. Here you will meet visitors with an exciting mix of history, art, science, ICT (Information Communication Technology) and media. Board welcomes the interactive inlevelser of industrial history and various exhibits, such as Avesta Art, and activities focusing on future learning. Most are housed in the three main halls: Rostugnshall, Blast Furnace Hall and Martinugnshall. Our Total visits the environment is more than 5000 square meters, distributed on several different levels and floors, with elevator access to all. In addition, there Cornelius Hall with the center for creative learning. The work is an antiquarian preserved industrial environment from its operation time. Some parts are adapted, but most of it is in original condition.

This means that each visitor must be cautious and consider the following:

– Uneven floors

– Steep stairs

– Dim lighting

– Cold, damp and ice coatings

To avoid accidents, all must be informed before the visit of the risks that exist.

We think it is important that everyone feels welcome and secure in the Agency, in order that the visit will be a pleasant and inspiring educational experience.