A distinctive tour through history

When you have passed the roasting hall you are given a curious torch with a built-in remote control. It not only illuminates your path in this evocative environment – it brings the old ironworks back to life before your very eyes. You walk along on your own and look for hyper-spots – yellow illuminated rings. Use the torch, light and press – and the ironworks comes alive. It rubbles, crackles and smokes. The latest technology enables you to become immersed in the work and life that once filled the ironworks which at the dawn of the industrial age was the cutting-edge technology of its time when it started up in 1874.

Here are a few examples of what you can see and experience:

The guide to the visitors’ routes and process.

The first hyper-spot at the bottom of the stairs from the roasting hall reveals an animation on the floor. Here you can see the path of the iron through Verket.

You can always come back to this spot to see where you have been and if you have missed anything.

You can also follow the yellow illuminated Time Line on the wall which shows the production from the blast furnaces, the people of Avesta and the number of employees in the ironworks from 1870 to 1938.
A blast furnace worker’s story. Among our hyper-spots there are also the sound pebbles where you can hear Lars Lindkvist’s stories about life at the ironworks. Each pebble contains two to four stories.

Don’t forget!

This experience is also an adventure. Be careful where you walk and mind your head in the narrow passageways. Keep a close eye on your children!