Displays’ creative art and creation with “Children 6-17 years

In YOUNG GALLERY equated children and young people’s art with adult. We set out the same way you do with adult artists’ art, highlighting it and try to get the artwork’s essence to emerge. There is so much creativity and discovery, and learning in children are made visible in their expression. This force we want to recognize and emphasize, not least, it can inspire adult viewer!


Participating exhibitors: Julia Abrahamsson Ester Bergkvist, Tindra Ekenberg, Tone Ekenberg, Emilia Karlsson, Promise Karlsson, Johannes Maple Ray, Bennet Monheim, Adam Olsson, Ella Torbrand, Sara Torbrand, Tobias TrenkleGustav Samuelsson, Anton Cevikbas, Armando Cevikbas, Hampus Björklin, Karl Hunter, Christopher Karl Borg, Anton Borg, Sofia Granath, Frida Nilsson, Caroline Ylekoski