Summer exhibitions at Verket, The Works

The exhibitions at The Works during the summer, 6 June to 31 August, include great experiences that are full of fun in the borderland between history, science and art spread over seven floors and 5,000 sq. m. The exhibitions and magical environment at The Works will inspire you to playful creativity and experimentation in the various workshops. This historical industrial environment is open to all as there are lifts to all seven floors.


This year we welcome twelve German artists from the Ruhr district. They will be exhibiting in the Roasting House under the title Ruhr KunstKraft.

Brutus Östling has enjoyed enormous success with his fantastic bird photos. We welcome him to conquer the realm of the blast furnaces.

Avesta’s 90th Anniversary is celebrated with photos from those nine decennia.

Don’t miss Frenchman Nicolas Cesbron’s installation The Post-Industrial Jungle. A surrealist world of swaying sculptures and magic lamps shatters the boundaries between reality and imagination, function and art, while at the same time being above all fantastically beautiful.

Meet the old Smelting House’s alluring White Wife in the gloom of the blast furnaces in Kjell Engman’s glass installation, and be spellbound and bemused by the never-ending hotel corridor by Sonja Nilsson. Listen to the Martin Furnace Opera and then go on to play a tune on our scrap instruments. Meet the Blast God in one of the blast furnaces and try to knock the men down.

Allow yourself to be enchanted, amazed and even frightened by the installations and experiences for the body and the soul.