Iron Feathers

Wander through Verket’s dark, cold, exciting rooms, where the feathers of the imagination soar.

Target group: Age 8-adult

Duration: 2 hours


  • To find inspiration for your own narrative
  • To develop imagination and language
  • To stimulate creativity and curiosity


After a “storytelling warm-up” in Cornelius Hall, we take visiting groups on a tour through Verket’s dark, cold and exciting rooms to find inspiration for our own narratives.

We each bring with us our own character, which may get special gifts, a wish granted, and the opportunity to find time and space for its own narrative. We might just find something that throws a spanner into the works. But with the right password or another tool, we might just reach our goal anyway.

Foto: Therese Asplund
Foto: Therese Asplund
Foto: Therese Asplund