Creative learning

The Cornelius Hall is a permanent educational environment that was created in Verket to be a hub in the educational development within the local community where everybody can benefit from Verket’s inspiring atmosphere to help pupils learn. The aim is to focus on their creative abilities and make learning fun.


The foundation of Verket is history, art and science/technology. When developing new teaching techniques these should be linked to the latest IT technology and new approaches to education that involve pupil participation. A visit to Verket by teachers and pupils should inspire development in their own schools.

“The Fifth Room; the large room outside the walls of the school. Taking pupils out to investigate the fabricated world is a form of teaching that requires other insights. If one is going to be able to understand, and not least evaluate, one’s technical surroundings then it is necessary for pupils to have the opportunity to explore it.”Quote from Claes Klasander, CETIS, Centre for School Technology Education



Malin Andersson,