Children and family

Here at Verket children & family are welcome to take part of the business! We hope to offer experiences that span generations. To discover, experience and have fun together in the exhibitions is something we think is valuable. Think about and discuss the arts together, form a fanciful sculpture along with the grandfather in “Art Workshop” or challenge cousin on some cleverness in “Bagdad”? In Avesta Art 2015 you can see and experience “Järnfjädrars Rike”. Järnfjädrars Rike is an interactive exhibition on the development of imagination, language and narrative. Through the power of imagination we let loose the stories we have within us, this can be encouraged to create their own stories each one separately or together. In Järnfjädrars rike given the tools to attract them, and this is home to every imaginable and unimaginable phenomena, creatures and characters that triggers the narrative. There are no right and wrong, everything is possible in the imagination promised land!

Practical information:

When we are in an industrial historical environment should be kept in mind that the example can be dark and uneven surfaces. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Input for strollers, wheelchairs available, announce the entrance so we open for you. Elevator available to all floors. Toilets with baby changing facilities are available in Rosthus Cornelius Hall. Possibility of loan of microwave heating of bringing their own baby food is available in the café and Cornelius Hall. In the café we are selling cakes, sandwiches, ice cream and hot and cold drinks. To be sure that the Art Workshop and Baghdad are open during your visit, contact the Agency. It sometimes happens that the premises are leased for example, children’s parties or conferences.